Never Thought THIS Would

actually happen. I’m an attractive brunette. I’ve kept myself up. Sure, I’m getting older but so is he. How could he???

I was the at the top for so long. Thought my place was secure. I’ve been so faithful. I’ve greeted him every time he comes home from wherever he goes when he’s away from me. I alert him at every leaf that falls off the trees, the people walking by, and don’t even ask about when the doorbell rings. Why, I just join in when they say “No Bark!”, “Quit!”, or the always ineffictive “NO!” I’m barking because they are.

I have gone with him on the walks he needs for controlling his heart disease. I’ve known when he is unhappy, upset, worried (he worries a lot!), happy, anxious, depressed, and having bad dreams about Vietnam. After all of this, he did the unthinkable.

Saturday, I got the shock of my life! He comes home with this little blonde. It’s always a blonde, isn’t it?? The little tart. Well, who does she think she is??

Woe is me!

Why should I even like her?? Well, it’s a little fun to run outside with her in the yard. MY yard. She seems to be looking to me for guidance. Why would I do that?? Why help the enemy? And I’m certainly not sleeping with her in my luxurious king sized bed.

I do not want that little blonde hussy in my house. But they let her in anyway. Well! I’m just going to lay in the sun on my king sized bed. No kennel with bars for me! Perfect place for a girl to let her thoughts organized. I’ll show them!

And the other female in the house. My adopted Mom. She’s no better. No matter how much I give her the stink eye, she is even holding the blonde. Why, I never! She should be loyal to me at least! What’s her issue?? I don’t potty in the house anymore. Isn’t that a good girl??

You’d think the sun rose and set in Goldie. The boy they call Gavin came over yesterday to see her, too. He does love and miss Roxie, my sister who died. We have all been sad. “Hey! Wait a minute!”

They might have something here. If the boy and his Grandpa and Grandma aren’t so sad, maybe I shouldn’t be either. Since I can’t play with Roxie anymore, maybe I’ll play with Goldie. I guess she’s not so bad after all. It might take a bit. But she might be fun. As long as she knows I’m in charge. I can teach her how to get treats.

Yeah! It’s the perfect plan! If I just stand by her she will be a treat 🧲 magnet. That’s the angle I’ll play now, they’ll never see through my master plan. Humans. They’re all just putty in our paws. Foolish mortals.

It will work out after all. She’s not so bad.

I can still tell her, “Go away kid, you bother me!” whenever I want to be alone.

Let me know your thoughts on introducing new fur babies to the family. Maybe my masters will learn something!

Thank you to our guest blogger today, Lexie, the big, beautiful, four legged lovey we are so lucky to have. She just had to let you all know her misgivings through all of this. For her, it’s pretty tough, but we’re hopeful she comes around. We just want her spunky again.

As Lexie said, let us know if you have tips for us. Transition is hard, whether you have two or four legs. How do you cope with it? I’d love to hear from you. Like our blog post, and share with your friends. Hopefully, it will brighten your day and their day, too. We appreciate you reading!

Oh! And here is Goldie. It’s tough being the new darling of the family!

Likes her kennel now. Trust me, she does not nap this much!

The Shock of the Season Changes

The sun is shining brightly in the eastern sky. Very little breezes make the trees sway slightly. And then you decide to step outside.

What????? How did it get so cold so fast?? I should have worn a warmer coat! It can’t be this cold for good now, can it?

It is October. It’s Nebraska. It has happened each and every year of my life. Yet we are always shocked when we have to hunker down for the coming winter.

God has the best color palette ever!

Maybe it’s because time seems to be flying by, too. People are living in such a time crunch now days. Their kids are over committed and seem like they would like to have the time to simply stay in their pj’s on Saturday until they truly feel ready to face more play.

I used babysit for a couple days a week until it was time for her to go to afternoon kindergarten. She always came over in her pajamas. We would color all morning. We played board games. It was as good for me as it was for her.

The little dear was fun until the last two days. Then her inner demon took over. She wouldn’t cooperate about getting ready for school. She sneaked to the phone to call her dad behind my back. Not acceptable. Especially since she was doing it on the sly because she didn’t get her way.

Her parents had trouble with her temper. She screamed, kicked the walls, and displayed awful behavior. She did not kick my walls, it would not have been allowed.

I was so glad when our time together was over. But then felt so guilty when she started bringing me handfuls of flowers from their yard. She continued doing that for a long time, and brought the last handful of tulips to me just before they moved away. I hope she is enjoying an anger-free life.

Her parents divorced and her dad lived in the next block. Good and bad decision, but theirs. I certainly understand divorce, but living close to each other is not a great idea, in my opinion. Not in the beginning. It’s all too raw, too new.

It is no surprise it takes awhile to get used to a major life change. A change in life, wanted or not, needs a break in period. The weather is really no exception. It takes a bit to get used to it. Yes, you can even get used to a change in the weather.

So dig out your warmer clothes. Enjoy the days ahead that you can still sit outside in a hoodie and jeans. Have your gloves, scarves, and hats ready for winter. It will be here before we know it. Might as well be warm until it’s over.

What’s your favorite season? Let us know in the blog comments. As always, thank you for reading.