Thursday’s Child

There was an old nursery rhyme called “Monday’s Child.” It was a little ditty supposedly for children to help them learn the days of the week. I was born on a Thursday. Ascension Thursday, no less. “Thursday’s child has far to go,” was meant for me. From what I’ve read, I can take this one of two ways: First, I will have a long life. I’m hoping for that. Women have good longevity in my family. Both Grandmothers lived long. Mom is 91. Second, it could mean I have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Have you known me long? There were mountains and hills worth of obstacles. Faith and Hope have gotten me through. Sure there are more to come, too. Just realistic, not negative. God has been so very good to me. I’m forever grateful.

Either way, whatever that phrase means, I am here and so happy to be. Life gets better and better. Heck, this morning, I felt great and started a crock pot dinner an hour ago that will be ready at about 6 p.m. or so. Planning ahead. Chicken and noodles. Thanks, Peggy Fischman! My grade school, neighbor, and quilting buddy. Always has a new recipe or two.

The header photo today is my music of the day. I posted it on my personal FB account, asking what was missing? More Jimmy Weber CD’s. I hope there is one despite this pandemic. Jimmy’s a very creative guy, if anyone can produce it, he can. (No pressure, my friend!). Dayna Jones’ CD is great. You can order it from her, and she has a really cute shirt, too. I ordered a long sleeved one and know it’ll rotate into the fall wardrobe a lot. Go Dayna!

I’ve said before, music gets me through a lot of hard times. As a single mom, I was glad to have the drive time from downtown to the 90th & Dodge area near home to just decompress from the day, and relax. It was then much easier to get home to my three kids and spend the evening with them when I wasn’t in school or working my second job. Music is always there, even if no one else is. Now, the Babe and music are always there. Grateful and blessed.

I Love Eleanor Roosevelt. Such an unsung hero.

Still working on character definition for my book, The Freeing of Katie Fitzgibbon’s. Katie has seven, count them seven brothers. They are characters, believe me. It’s fun to make this stuff up. I can do that since I’m doing an actual fiction novel. A couple weeks ago, I was considering creative nonfiction. My book coach, Sam Tyler, mentioned I could be sued. That would certainly be an unfortunate end, wouldn’t it? Since I have no interest in that happening, I have ventured back to fiction. The common disclaimer you see after every movie and at the beginning of every book should cover me. I don’t look good in horizontal stripes, you know? On a writer’s merch website, I saw a shirt that read:

If people don’t like what you write about them, they should have treated you better.

It’s certainly to the point now, isn’t it? I did buy the one that reads:

Careful! Or you’ll end up in my novel!

Another thing I’m learning about with this venture is “Character Agency.” It’s something vital to the story. Plot is driven by the decisions the protagonist (main character) makes. The writer needs to make clear why the character makes a decision they do. An inciting incident voids any possibility of a character continuing to live a normal life. Will they fight or flee?

Writer Topher Kearby sells his creations at

I admire Topher’s work, and am Facebook friends with him. His typed words are beautiful. There is also art that go with some of the musings. Check him out.

As I go to do some more domestic chores this early afternoon, I want to thank you for reading today. I hope you have a great day today. I’ll be here again tomorrow, hope to see you then! Stay Safe, Wash Up, Mask Up, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, and Be Courteous. It’ll help us all. Thank you!

Fun Friday!

It’s a good Friday out there! The Babe says it’s really hot, the dogs do not want out. It’s a mid-morning nap on the couches for them. Works for me!

It’s going to be a great, FUN weekend!

We had early mail call this morning, too. All for me, and not a bill in the stack! Adding music to my collection always makes me happy. Two new favorites (along with all my established favorites!) are Dayna Jones and Ray Scott. Dayna’s music is so uplifting and makes me feel happy. Her voice is beautiful. Strong and gentle at the same time. Trust me, she does it. South Dakota has another great product. (The Babe is from Sioux Falls). You can’t go wrong.

Ray Scott has many great stories and I enjoy them in the background while I write. Stories in songs are similar to stories in books, yet very different. The story a song tells is often shorter than four minutes, yet can tell of a lifetime. A story in a book or a song can give you pictures of events in your imagination. Movies often spoil that for us, in my opinion. I love imagining a story in my mind. Or a song. His songs are great for that.

Writer’s Digest is a publication I enjoy as a writer. I have so much to learn, and I know that. I’m hungry for wherever I can learn more and more. I do believe I’m headed in the right direction. I have a lot of good guidance from a lot of new friends. Support is so great in creative communities. With my experiences with quilters around the world, I have seen how generous quilters are. They want to swaddle everyone in a beautiful quilt made just for them. They are such givers, I love to see it!

We had the absolute joy of celebrating Gavin’s birthday last night. He won’t be eight until Tuesday, but family was in town and it was so fun to see him play with his cousins. There was no more happy look than a boy who just got a brand new bicycle. It’s a great story, about the bike. There are no 24 inch bikes available in Omaha. None. Everyone has bought one to ride during the pandemic. With that in mind, our son in law did a commute out to Denver for his job on Monday. They don’t want the employees flying, they feel it’s safer driving between location. I have to agree with that.

I-80 stretches west, into the plains of Nebraska. With Lexington, NE in his sight, he spied a WalMart. Stopped in, and found the very last bike for a boy in the exactly right size. Things like this are no coincidence, you know? He sent a photo to his wife, and he bought it on the spot. Anyway, Gavin is in seventeenth heaven. Or at least in eighth heaven for now. It made my heart happy. Don’t we all need our hearts to be happy right about now? Good job, Dad!

It won’t be all fun and no work this weekend. I can listen to my new tunes and do some planning for the next two months. The Babe is on board. He’ll pick up my slack if I’m not available to do some things around the house. My days will mostly revolve around writing, analyzing, learning, and making progress. I am looking forward to having to work against deadlines with Sam, my writing coach. It will be another adventure to share with you.

Boy, Does This Resonate With Me!

I’m reading a book right now called “Personality Isn’t Permanent.” I’m a perfect example of that. I became someone who was hiding inside myself for many years. I did not know she was there. The more of her who emerged, the more surprised I was. It took many years for me to stand up for myself. It’s no problem for me now with some people. Others, I’ve still got work to do. But not as much as thirty or forty years ago. It’s a work in progress.

The older I become, the more I love living. We make mistakes, and they are no longer so devastating. No one who truly loves us criticizes us for them. After a time, with the distance of hindsight, you can identify your own rock bottom. Drugs and alcohol don’t necessarily have to be involved. If they are, I think the bottom is deeper and more prominent. Getting out is what’s important. If you slide back in any way, you can adjust your direction. Just keep showing progress, however tough it is. Apply this to all aspect of your life, and I believe we will all have a good one.

This kind of growth happens for my character, Katie. She is much stronger than anyone ever thought, including herself. You will see this in her story. Someone told me once, “You have to watch out for the quiet ones.” That was me, one of the quiet ones. No more. Stay tuned for more information about our writing adventure.

As always, I appreciate your time spent reading my blog today. Stay safe out there, wear your mask, wash your hands, be kind, be thoughtful, and be a good example. Help our world become a better place. See you tomorrow!

Happy Sunday Mother’s Day

When we were kids, there was a Mother/Daughter Breakfast every year on Mother’s Day at St. Bridget’s Parish, where I attended grade school. If Mom came to Mass and breakfast with me, that meant Dad got home early enough from his night job working at the Omaha World Herald. He stayed up long enough to make sure my three brothers stayed out of trouble, and then went to bed when Mom and I got home after breakfast. I loved going to breakfast, and it baffled me how many of the fathers of my classmates were serving food, bussing tables, and calling raffle numbers.

The raffle was for assorted prizes but the one I wanted badly and hardly ever won was the potted geranium plant that were centerpieces for the tables. I knew I had to have those beautiful pink flowering plants. Once or twice I did, but mostly no. When I was grown up and could buy garden flowers of my choice, I saw a potted pink geranium and my mind went back to waiting for my number to be called. I’ve planted them every year, and now know the trick where you can let the plants go dormant in the fall, then replant them in spring, and they will come back to life. It’s still a beautiful memory.

During the years I was a single mom, my oldest son and I would go shopping for garden plants and pick up a million of them. Once, I picked out over 300 individual plants, all in little dividers in plastic trays. Towards the end of planting, I was really tired! Had to dig up half the yard. It was worth it. I miss doing that with him, just like I miss Christmas shopping with him. Good memories. It’s pretty cold here yet in Nebraska for someone to be planting anything yet. The Babe and I might go to a garden center tomorrow after my dentist appointment, but we’ll see.

This can be a very happy day for young mothers, and for older mothers whose kids are nearby and actually do things for Mom. Good for them, what a nice thing to do for Moms who really do a lot for their families. Sometimes, it’s not that happy for people, though. Just like Christmas isn’t always a Hallmark moment. Some have mean Moms. Some have abusive, addicted Moms. It might be hard to even think of that person on a day like this. Just know you’re not alone, that’s all. You’re not the only one, there are many who have a similar situation. Some kids don’t think of anyone but themselves. Some kids are ungrateful, some are in jail, some are at a place unknown to their Mom, and there are many, many of those. Some Moms have broken hearts for who knows why. They’re not alone, not any of them.

Whatever your situation, remember there are those who don’t share the joy you have in your lives. Our kids are in four different states, and we’re kind of quarantined due to this COVID-19 thing. Even at that, our kids are pretty busy living their own lives. And that’s a good thing, because that’s what you raise them to do. To keep crowds at a minimum, we’re not gathering for my mom, either. I’ll probably read a book and maybe we’ll watch a movie. Low key. I’ve heard from each of my kids and stepkids. I miss their kids so! Maybe we can see them by Father’s Day.

Some people have lost their Moms. It’s sad when young mothers die, when grandma’s die, and when anyone loses someone too soon. I’m including a video of a brand new song, “When They Go,” by Dayna Jones of South Dakota. Dayna released this today, and I’d like to share it with you all. It’s a beautiful song for today. Enjoy today for all it is worth, friends. It changes in a moment. Remember happy times. Think good thoughts about all you’ve learned about what is good and right. Make your life rich in blessings by thinking of them. If you have the blessing of an awesome Mom, great! Otherwise, be an awesome Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Niece, for someone who needs you. You’ll know. Blessings on you all.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. See you right here tomorrow, where I’ll be when you come back. In the meantime, I’ve got some reading to catch up on.

Searching for those missing 3,000 words!