Discovery Wednesday

It’s a cloudy, humid day at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. It’s supposed to rain later today, right at the time Gavin has his first ball game! Oh wow. I hope we get to attend. I missed baseball the most last summer! I’m sure the game will be made up if its a rain-out.

More straightening up will be in order after we visit a bit. I haven’t accomplished as much as I’d like to, I found some baby pictures of our three year old granddaughter Kayla Jolee. She is such a cutie. I’m not allowed to share photos of those grandkids, and I will respect the parents’ wishes.

Today, I’m embarking on a Soul Discovering voyage. I think it will be interesting. I want to live a fuller life, and be more aware of life around me. I look forward to it at 2 p.m. today. Carol Gino, an author, nurse, and companion to Mario Puzo (who wrote the Godfather), it leading the soul searching endeavor, to find out what our souls are looking for. More tomorrow on that.

The rain has started and it’s too cold for us to be sitting in the rain. I truly believe the game will be postponed to another date. Darn! But we’ll meet our friends for dinner later. So, we’ll have a nice evening after all.

Today I received my first official piece of junk mail for Jewell Publishing, LLC. It was addressed to my attorney, at this address. How funny. The Babe handed it to me since it was the attorney’s name, OR Payroll Manager. Haha! I need a bank account first! Haha!

One area of human behavior I’ve never understood is wishing or delighting in someone’s misfortune or harm. The book I read that in further explained how a crowd gathers at accidents, fire scenes, and seem to be more excited than empathetic. I don’t believe that is what’s in every onlookers heart. It’s not in mine. Rendering aid is my first thought. Helping. Some of us are more geared towards that.

Whenever we delight in the misfortune of others, we demonstrate two things for sure: We don’t know all the facts, nor do we know what anyone deserves. God’s the only one with knowledge of those two things. So we can reap what we sow, let’s wish others good things, so we may reap what we sow. Let’s work on that today. Root out Schadenfreude. That is a German word for “Delighting in the Troubles of Others.” Let’s get rid of that. It’s destructive. Be Kind. Be Empathetic. Thanks for reading, we’ll see each other tomorrow! Blessings!

A Good Day For . . .

Deleting e-mail you fooled yourself into thinking, “I’ll read that later.” LOL. I had about 900 of those. On my author e-mail. I truly need to stop it. Or delete it once a month. If I don’t review it within 30 days, it needs to go. The same with physical personal mail that comes into the house. It’ll help straighten up the clutter we both have here and there.

It’s also a good day for updating calendars. Yes, I know a paper calendar is old-fashioned, but I keep one with my appointments, the Babe’s, and my mom’s. That way, if there are conflicts, I’ll know. It’s the easiest way for me to herd three people to doctors, dentists, and similar things. Since it works, I will not change it. Although, yesterday I discovered I didn’t have something entered yet – a haircut appointment for Mom and me on Tuesday. Sheesh! Update now on today’s to do list.

With taxes right around the corner, it’s probably a good time to find receipts spent on my writing. Software, memberships, classes, books, books, and more books. And printer paper, supplies, notepads, Post-It-Notes, along with a percentage of Internet connection, and all else that could apply. The idea of keeping track by month was appealing a year ago, but I didn’t follow through. Now it’ll take more time, but it’s ok. Add that to list, ok?

It’s also a good day to listen to some oldies – from high school. The Rascals, The Four Tops, The Drifters, all of it music with memories attached. Yes, I was quite introverted in high school. Any song about loving someone from a distance was about me. I had mad crushes on everyone who was never interested in me. Why was that? Something inside of me caused a tremendous feeling of inadequacy, and I believed those things. It helps from time to time to look back and realize how much you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. And it’s such a good thing to not be in that small space anymore. You need room if you’re going to grow. Room to try your wings. Room to see how you’ll land. And room to change your mind if you need. We do, sometimes.

Strong Women Are Made. Yes, We Are.

By reflecting on our achievements in life, we can plot a course for more achievements and/or growth. Life is all about growth. We can grow with each book we read and each class we take. As an adult, it took me 25 years to finish college. I married young and started community college in my 30s. Worked for employers who reimbursed tuition (never books, the biggest expense!), and earned several certificates along the way. If I can do it, anyone can. I believe the best thing single parents can do is learn skills in a trade or continue their education. It’s difficult, but doable.

As we continue to discover what this is a good day for, think about your progress in life. We can all improve in some area or another. I need to learn to just rest when I’m overwhelmed. It’s a curse on humanity. We get grumpy and make a lot of mistakes. Time to quit for a while. Writing is like that. The time off in December was great, and I’m digging back in to the tasks surrounding being an author. Setting goals, making plans. It’s going to be an exceptional year. I believe in it. I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in me.

Thank you for reading today. Be safe out there. And be kind. We all need it. It will make this world better. See you tomorrow.