Thursday Full of Thanks

It’s a beautifully chilly fall day. The Sun is shining, and with lower humidity, the blue of the sky is brighter. I love days like this. The dogs aren’t wanting to be outside much, since it is much warmer on the couch, so they’re napping along to whatever music is playing. A nap sounds good about now, but I’ll wait until I’m finished with the blog. Otherwise, I’ll feel as if I should be doing something else.

I have used this header photo before, and I am rather fond of it. It’s symmetrical, and tells me there are a lot of words on those pages for me to drink up should I read it. I’m following the Gretna Library Facebook page. They are planning fundraising to build a new library. I believe the plan was to have it near our house, it would be quite a walk up some hills, but about six blocks away for sure. I hope they are able to use the site they have their eye on, it would be great. I’ll have to keep an eye social media.

So it’s now very late in the day – it’s 6:15 p.m., CDT. I took a break from writing to have lunch with the Babe. Then, I headed to our clinic at our doctor’s office. I have these pesky swollen glands up by my jaw/ear. They are extremely tender. But nothing’s wrong. No signs of infection, or anything. I’m glad, but not sure why things like that happen. Push fluids, take Tylenol. Wow. At least I scored a flu shot. Double strength for old people.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
This explains a lot to me, about my first marriage.

Sometimes, I’m baffled at why some of us take the long way home, why we take so long to learn hard lessons. I’m a late bloomer, by many standards. And that is really ok. It’s strange to look back with the wisdom of today. Things are much more transparent.

It’s amazing how much a person can learn in a lifetime. I remember reading an article a long time ago, and it stated a person learns the most in the first 18 months of life than they do the whole rest of their lives. You have to consider every thing a baby learns in their first 18 months, that could be true. But I don’t think there is a limit on learning. Look how much a child learns now from pre-K to first grade. And from middle school to high school. Any 18 month period in college could give the first 18 months of learning a run for their money. I do wish I could remember where I read the article was so I could find it again.

I’m off now to take more Tylenol and have my 400th glass of water for today. Hope you’re all well and had a good day. Tomorrow will be much better, I’m sure. More writing to do, so it’ll be good to be back on track. Have a beautiful evening. See you tomorrow. Thank you