Sunday Fun

We always start with the best of plans. We went to Church at the Gretna UMC. They only have one service, 9:30 a.m. It is a nice little country Church and the people are friendly. Pastor Gary Main has visited Dan when he has had surgeries and he makes sure pastoral care is on the top of his list for serving the people. We are glad to be in such a Church family.

We drove to the VFW Post for Dan to print some paperwork. The Babe decided a burger was in order on the way home, and before you knew it, the clock read 3:00 p.m.  We finished taking down the Christmas tree.  The room looks bare, but now I have my recliner back in its rightful place.  Ahhh!

I’m in off the ledge, folks, and don’t feel so overwhelmed.  I found some software I’m experimenting with, called Pro Writing Aid.  Has anyone ever used it?  Let me know your thoughts.  I used the software on a shorter book I’ve written, called “Grandpa’s Gone”  It’s about when my grandfather died on Christmas Eve when I was twelve years old. It is something you can’t help but be remember every year.  The software had some good suggestions for my book.  It is one of several I hope to publish this year. 

Between the software and the book I’m reading about structuring novels, it has set me back on the right track. I might request a trial of Pro Writing Aid and run my novel through it. It could point out a lot of beginners errors I have made. Helpful tools are out there, and I’ll use them every time they make sense. A person is never to old to learn something new. Or start something new. It’s my mantra. What is yours?

Have a nice evening and thank you for reading today. You know how I appreciate it. I’ll be here tomorrow and hope you are too.

What Day is It?

Seriously, what day IS it? Monday? Wednesday? Friday? Yes, I think it’s Friday. There are hardly any cars out on the road. I am at home on the couch, with Rachael Ray on in the background and doggies napping on the sofas. The traffic report is courtesy of the Babe, who is out and about to the accountant for the VFW, the VA for his hearing aids, and a couple of errands.

The beautiful new tree is looming over me. During the day, I can pick out the special ornaments. They make me smile. There are snowflakes with photos of the grandkids in the center. A tiny pink Converse high top shoe, from when we found out Becky was pregnant with a girl. Her mama Becky also had brothers with no sisters. Yes. Male domination by sheer numbers. Becky and me, along with my cousin Jilla, Aunt Mary Ann, second cousin Amy, and I think that’s the total of girls with two or more brothers on the Jewell side of the family.

The Bobell side? The Conrad’s had three boys and three girls, the Wheeler’s, two boys, one girl, Burbank/Bakers, two boys. Again, there was domination by sheer numbers.

Back to the tree. The ice skates make me smile. That was such great fun as a kid. And, out of loyalty, I have a Nebraska ornament on the tree. They will come back. I guarantee it. They will. There is a glass angel ornament that my Aunt Lois used to have on her tree. She passed away several years ago, and this is a great memory of her. There is a glass nativity ornament that my former mother in law gave me one year for Christmas. It was so nice of her to do that. I also have a pair of sparkly blue ice skates with white fur around the tops, with white pom poms on the laces. Another wonderful winter memory.

This week between Christmas and New Year’s is sort of tough for adults. The workforce may still report for duty, but the folks high enough on the food chain usually take the week off. It was great when I was a corporate peon, because working while your boss was gone was sweet. You could catch up, clean your work area very well, and do some miscellanous tasks and go home every day. It’s a vacation while at work. Everyone loved it.

If you are home with the kids during this week, they are pretty busy with their new Christmas toys, gifts, games, etc. A win/win for the family. It was fun, too. I did always have a tremendous letdown after Christmas, it was so sad when it was over. Now, I’m just happy for it to come and go. As I’m older now, I love for it to come and go. I love the decorations, the smells, the lights and sights, and the faces of the children. The children are who this is all for. Next year, I’m going to see if I can provide something for kids who don’t receive much.

I want to sincerely thank you for reading today. I’ll return tomorrow, and I hope you do, too. See you then.