Nap Time for the Staff!

It was a 6 a.m. wake up today. Our dogs were barking outside. Sheesh, the neighbors won’t be happy. I try to remind the Babe to put the Bark Collars on when it’s early. He always forgets. Or so he says. I do not like dogs barking, either, so I can relate to folks that need to vent about that.

Are we naive, thinking we can stop dogs from barking? That’s one way they communicate. They may have been made to bark. It always worked for Lassie! And the whine that always meant, “Come quickly! Timmy fell into a well again!” One of the few ways they have to communicate.

People can communicate a lot in many different ways. Verbally, letters, memos, tweets, emails, body language, talking, shouting, singing, and probably a few I’ve missed. If you’re romantically inclined, kissing can get your point across. Affection is communicated by hugs, lovers embraces, Hallmark Cards, and more.

North Korea communicates via missles, Russia communicates by hacking these days. The United States has a show of military strength which usually gets our point across. Through the ages, countries conducted warfare at the slightest provocaiton; I would like to think our first communication would be one of peace but taking the stance, “we won’t take a lot of crap.” Let’s negotiate.

If we have so much available to us humans, then why do we have such a hard time communicating with one another?

Sometimes egos get in the way. Leaders like Castro, Khrushchev, Stalin, and Hitler overpowered governments and bullied their way in. Promises made to people in passionate speeches were never realized once they were in power. Socialism does not work, and it’s been proven. Churches have been trying for centuries to take care of all the poor, unemployed, maimed, etc. and have learned painfully, you eventually run out of other people’s money.

At other times, people form working groups to accomplish a goal. Each person represents a separate function in the goal, and each wants their function to be the best. No one will compromise and often, the original goal is not accomplished. Understanding must be gained of each separate function, and only then can tasks be coordinated so each function is not only achievable, but they each make sense and mesh together to actually reach the goal. What a concept!

Then, there are those who generate great ideas, but who delegate 100% of the work and responsibility to others, who have neither the expertise nor the time to do the job in the first place. The authority needed to get things done is important, yet that is not delegated along with the work. Only the responsibility is delegated, but none of the tools. This speaks for itself.

Think about your organization, be it a small business, an LLC, or a Corporation. Even if it’s just you. Have a Mission (Statement). Keep it in front of you. Remember it every day. Work on managing the work. Do things that make sense, in the order they make sense. Everyone will have their detailed wish list. See where they all fit together in the grand scheme of things. If they don’t fit now, they may at a later time. “Later” doesn’t mean “Never.” Step in and step back as often as necessary.

The “Staff” and I try to follow a schedule. I do, they don’t. And we play “Let the Dogs In; Let the Dogs Out.” Most of the time, in fact. They don’t get it. And I work aroud it. But if I had employees, we’d coordinate the heck out of everything. Projects, tasks, fun time. Yes, even that. Right now, my fun time consists of playing catch with Roxie. She is staring right through my hands typing right now. I believe it’s nearly time for the fun. For her. And I’l water some plants I planted yesterday.

Have a delightful day. Be Safe out there. It will be very hot in the midlands today. Think about how to be more efficient in everyday life. You’ll have more time for fun and naps. See you tomorrow!