A Sigh of Relief

On this Thursday, I can tell you I feel a sigh of relief. I believe it’s from the Inauguration being over, (with no riots or issues), and that the color purple needs to reflect how we are. United. Kind of like the children’s book I told you about yesterday, “Mixed – A Colorful Story,” by Arree Chung of the Storytellers Academy.

I love purple. It has so many shades and hues; it allows for a lot of mixing. I look good in purple, too. Silvering hair has its advantages. I feel purple-ish inside. Some of it is from the bruising the media inflicts on our psyche, constantly hammering away. I love to escape all of that into my world of creating. I need the noise to go away. That’s where music comes in. I’m listening to Kevin Costner’s Modern West again today, it’s just a bunch of wonderful stories in his songs and pleasant music. Storytelling has enveloped my life.

I’m having fleeting thoughts like, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if” and some random idea runs through my mind. I need to write them down, because I think there will be another children’s book ruminating in my brain. I love to think back to the things my kids loved to read about. Lovable Lyle, the Crocodile comes to mind. It was so cute. I remember it crushed Lyle when some people didn’t like him. It was devastating to him. And he learned to cope with it. Great story and great art.

Photo by Sofia Alejandra on Pexels.com

I think a lot of the feeling I’m having today is hope the world can calm down now, despite the Pandemic. I feel like I did when the Babe and I bought our first house together, and moved to a better neighborhood. I had lived in a house with my kids’ next door to a really awful neighbor, with lots of stress from the situation. The guy was a drug dealer, alcoholic, and loved to fight with people, usually after the bars closed. He and his girlfriend had three kids together who roamed the neighborhood. The kids became wards of the state. The meth-addicted girlfriend left.

Once an experience like that is over, you can realize how not stressed you are. Then you realize what they have subjected you to for a lot of years. Since I was a single mom, I was afraid of him and his crazy friends. There was a lot of unscrupulous stuff going on. Normal people have to get up and go to work every day. You can’t be awakened by loud music and arguing night after night and still be rested the next day. It’s tedious. It’s maddening. It’s uncalled for.

As we go forward, let’s all be purple. Let’s play nice. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. Let’s give others a chance. Be kind. Be gentle, especially with yourselves. Stand tall and proud of who you are. Live a life that is a good example to a child. Be safe. Thank you for reading today, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Inauguration Day, 2021

Good morning, folks. Here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska, we are sorting things out to prioritize tasks today. We probably won’t get much done because of the Inauguration on TV. I believe whoever is elected is our president for the next four years. Man or woman, Catholic or not, Democrat or Republican. I believe in giving the new president a chance. They all deserve that. Let’s not grouse about it, let’s pray for the best. That’s what I’m going to do. Please join me.

I told you yesterday I’d share some photos of Arree Chung’s book, “Mixed.” It is a book every American should read. He shared his story about writing the book. He has a pretty good racially mixed family. All colors, all shapes, heritage, etc. He boils it all down in the simple story of three colors; Yellow, Blue, and Red. They all had their own towns. The peacefully coexisted until one day, Red bragged they were the best. Yellow and Blue disagreed. They separated further. Some colors said, “Colors should not mix.” How sad.

It seems Yellow discovered they felt better around Blue, who was calm. Blue felt brighter when they were around Yellow. They mixed and created GREEN! A new color! How wonderful! Soon more colors mixed, creating a rainbow! They rebuilt the three separate towns into one.

It’s a lovely story. Let’s all hear what it’s message is. Let’s take the message and share it. Let’s remember, we are Americans first, and we need to allow for that first. Let’s forgive and learn from what’s come before. Let’s work on things together. We will accomplish so much more that way.

Today, for me it’s more catching up on videos. I didn’t get there yesterday. There’s always today. Slow but sure, I’ll get there. It’s a privilege of age, I think, to take more than one day to complete something. When you finish, it’s all good. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Let’s all start today, let’s be more kind, more inclusive, more thoughtful. Let’s go forward in peace, not rehashing the past, that will only make life ugly. Let’s remember our strong, resilient country. I still get chills when I hear the Star Spangled Banner sung. Unfortunately, you need to page down to get to her video. Lady Gaga, you did us proud. Let’s make the same new start our leaders are getting. It’s worth it in the long run. See you tomorrow!