Fab Friday!

What a great day it has been! I knew I’d be awhile with Mom today, and I just embraced what the day offered. It was fabulously full of memories.

The staff at Immanuel Medical Center who organized the COVID vaccine distribution to folks over 80 were fantastic. Someone meets your car as soon as you enter the parking lot. I ordered a wheelchair for Mom since I was unsure how long the line would be.

We got through the line and she sat in the wheelchair until the fifteen minutes was up. She was fine. I thought of when my older brother and I saw the doctor as little kids. Mom would take us and get those dreaded shots. Needles were large and really hurt much more than now. I have a spot on my upper right arm that had nerve damage from a shot I got, and they hit the wrong spot. I have a vivid memory of walking to my brother’s school with Mom and Tom to get the oral Polio vaccine. It tasted like sugar water. I remember overhearing grownups talk about Polio and how terrible it was. I only knew one person who had it. We met him in the 1970s when the man and his family moved into our neighborhood.

Mom was fine, and I wheeled her out through the long corridor. I had to tease her. When we walked out, a nurse gave each elderly person a Dum Dum Sucker. How appropriate! I thought it was cute all the elders had a fun experience. Those nurses (females and males) were so respectful and sweet to the patients. We get to go back on February 26. Hope the weather’s good so we don’t have any issues.

We are so fortunate in Nebraska, especially Omaha. We have so many hospitals and two major medical schools and nursing schools. There is such a wealth of information here, and the people to help us when we need help. Creighton and the University of Nebraska Medical Center turn out top-notch doctors.

Our Veterans Administration Hospital is very good, too. Interns from the two medical schools rotate into the VA and out during their training. I heard this saying long ago, and I believe it. “You want a young doctor and an old lawyer.” Truer words never spoken.

Folks, the Babe is hungry and I’m going to put together the Baked Chicken Salads for dinner tonight. It’s been a busy week, and I think we need to relax on this cold Friday evening. Hope you have a warm night and relaxing weekend. I plan to work on stuff at home and the Babe is spearheading a project to replace the ceiling tile in a rental room at the VFW Post. I’ll hold down the fort with the pups. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be Safe!

Thankful Thursday

It’s been pretty busy here at Raabe Ranch today. I had a great book talk with Sam Tyler, my coach this morning. I’m feeling a little sad because we agreed to take December “off,” and resume in January 2021. By now, I feel I’ve learned enough of what I didn’t know before that I can proceed on my own, with good guidance from a couple of books certain authors have written to guide other writers in their trade. Changes are hard, and I know we have become friends along the way. That is the best benefit.

I finished with shopping for the VFW Post donation to the homeless vets being served through Moving Veterans Forward. I’ll accompany the founder and CEO, Ron Hernandez, and a couple other people to deliver the goods where they will do the most good. It will be another lesson in the story of life. Some are sad, some are happy. Some show impressive growth, others bear substantial loss.

I mentioned yesterday about facing mortality, as Michael J Fox talks about his retirement from acting after his last couple of years of struggles with health issues. In the past five to ten years, we have lost a bunch of friends and family, mostly from cancer. As I went through my Facebook friends list, deciding on who to invite to like my author page, I am struck by how many of those people were no longer with us. The old-fashioned address book is even worse.

I think of all the people I’ve loved, liked, and had fun with. Fun friends from school, church, groups we’ve belonged to, and friends of friends. It’s a whole unique group of people you collect throughout your life, and if they’ve been with you for a long time, they really become part of you, and you become part of them. Friends, wonderful friends, are worth so much. It’s a pleasure being a part of their lives, just as it’s a pleasure to have them in your life. The world is so much better with them.

Today, start making the most of however much time you have left on this earth. I don’t care if you’re 15 or 95. You can make the most of the rest of your life by starting now. Start today. Be positive. Be Kind. Be Courteous. Be Grateful. Always leave home on a pleasant note. You never know how life can change in eight or ten hours. Be free of regrets. It makes a tremendous difference in your life.

Although it is late, I appreciate you reading. Tomorrow’s blog will be later in the day, too. The delivery of goods to homeless shelters for Veterans is going to be quite a story. There, but by the grace of God, go I. See you tomorrow. Stay safe out there.

Toned Down Tuesday

Mom reported back to Balance and Strength Class today. She was glad to get back to it. She needed a boost today, was out of sorts, but felt better after the class was over. Then she felt like doing more than just going home. Hobby Lobby, there we went!

It serves as an outing and an indoor walk, so she was happy but tired by the time we were finished. I feel badly for older folks. Will I have anyone to get me out when I’m 90? Gosh, I hope so. I am sure I’ll need help, everyone does. Maybe it’ll be grandkids, or stepdaughter, or my son who lives in town. I’m certainly not worried or concerned about it, but hope I’m still a vital human by that time.

The painters finished up today. There’s something fresh and new about new colors and a clean start. Kind of early spring cleaning. now to get new accessories. Artwork, maybe an art quilt, stuff, and more stuff. This is the fun part. Photos to follow.

No writing today, but lots of thoughts about the book. I’m creating dialogue to tell parts of the story, as this is supposed to be more readable and relatable. It makes the whole story different. Hope to hit it again earlier tomorrow, in between an appointment for the Babe and just putzing around the house. I found another couple of books at Hobby Lobby today, Calligraphic Drawing, and Creative Lettering Companion. I’m all about books at bargain prices, and these were discounted deeply.

I also started reading a new book, River People, by Margaret Lukas. She is a fellow Nebraska Writers Guild member. The story is set in Nebraska in the late 1890s. It should be a great read, if you’d like to learn more about it, it is available on Amazon.

This week is the big holiday that was invented by the Romans to celebrate love. There are all sorts of definitions and origins if you Google Valentine’s Day, and you can believe what you’d like. While I was still single, I was amazed at the vast number of women who received (delivered) bouquets of roses at work. When the vases were delivered, other women would ask, “From your husband?” The answer was a mixture of sarcasm and bitchiness, “He knows better than to forget.” Wow. Is that the way to show love, expect it as a show to other women? I love to receive flowers. These days, if I see a pretty bouquet at the store, I’ll buy it. The babe and I both can enjoy the blooms, and it’s a good pick me up for the house during gloomy days.

It’s been a couple of long days here at Raabe Ranch. Even the dogs are extra tired. It should get back to normal in a day or two here. Just glad to have a head start on spring sprucing up and all the wonder that goes with it. I would bet we get a snowstorm or two before spring really arrives, but it won’t last too long. Famous last words, right? Thank you for reading today, I hope to see you again tomorrow.