Inauguration Day, 2021

Good morning, folks. Here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska, we are sorting things out to prioritize tasks today. We probably won’t get much done because of the Inauguration on TV. I believe whoever is elected is our president for the next four years. Man or woman, Catholic or not, Democrat or Republican. I believe in giving the new president a chance. They all deserve that. Let’s not grouse about it, let’s pray for the best. That’s what I’m going to do. Please join me.

I told you yesterday I’d share some photos of Arree Chung’s book, “Mixed.” It is a book every American should read. He shared his story about writing the book. He has a pretty good racially mixed family. All colors, all shapes, heritage, etc. He boils it all down in the simple story of three colors; Yellow, Blue, and Red. They all had their own towns. The peacefully coexisted until one day, Red bragged they were the best. Yellow and Blue disagreed. They separated further. Some colors said, “Colors should not mix.” How sad.

It seems Yellow discovered they felt better around Blue, who was calm. Blue felt brighter when they were around Yellow. They mixed and created GREEN! A new color! How wonderful! Soon more colors mixed, creating a rainbow! They rebuilt the three separate towns into one.

It’s a lovely story. Let’s all hear what it’s message is. Let’s take the message and share it. Let’s remember, we are Americans first, and we need to allow for that first. Let’s forgive and learn from what’s come before. Let’s work on things together. We will accomplish so much more that way.

Today, for me it’s more catching up on videos. I didn’t get there yesterday. There’s always today. Slow but sure, I’ll get there. It’s a privilege of age, I think, to take more than one day to complete something. When you finish, it’s all good. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Let’s all start today, let’s be more kind, more inclusive, more thoughtful. Let’s go forward in peace, not rehashing the past, that will only make life ugly. Let’s remember our strong, resilient country. I still get chills when I hear the Star Spangled Banner sung. Unfortunately, you need to page down to get to her video. Lady Gaga, you did us proud. Let’s make the same new start our leaders are getting. It’s worth it in the long run. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday at the Home Office

Happy Tuesday Afternoon!

It’s been a very strange day. I took Mom to her bank to move money around. She had an appointment with the person who does those things. We arrive, he was ill. She was upset. She gets agitated easily when things don’t go according to plan. She can’t handle surprises well anymore. She is home a lot, and she’s safest there. Not only do you have COVID-19, we also have extreme fall risk, some pride, and lots of stubbornness. It’s quite a combination. I’m glad I have the determination of both of my parents. Mom’s more of a steamroller; Dad was more of a prepare for the worst and be glad when it doesn’t happen. I’m more like Dad, but I can steamroll if needed.

So gets in the Branch Manager’s office, and handles first things first. Getting what she needed; then the paperwork; then the receipts. The money she had to “move” was probably unnecessary; as the account had special checks, which I’m sure are negotiable to write to a vendor, but she insists no. OK, Mom. Whatever you say. It probably didn’t have to be this hard, but it’s done, that’s all that mattered.

Mission Accomplished! We get back to the car, and she asked to sit there for a little bit so she could “collect herself.” The Babe’s Mom would say, “I need to get organized.” Little old ladies are so cute. They’re insistent on some things and other things don’t matter anymore. We went to Walgreens, and the only thing there was the “usual” toilet paper display at the front of the store was replaced by a paper towel display. I paid no attention to what she bought, but the cashier told her it wasn’t toilet paper. She felt terrible, and I didn’t watch what she was doing.

She said she felt terrible being such a mess. It’s confusing when she’s out, and I’m glad she does as well as she does. It could be a whole different game in six months. My brothers and me, we’re ready for whatever happens. I hope God’s good to her.

Tomorrow will be a big day for her, the stair lift will be installed. Like many older people, she’s not good with remotes. I hope it’s not a hassle for her. Practice. Just needs patience, which she’s not too good at with new stuff. Life is full of mysteries, isn’t it?

You work hard your whole life, and your kids leave. Your empty nest is fun for awhile, then if you have grand kids, you get to watch them grow up, then they go on and live their lives. You see them less often, too, it’s important for them to stretch their wings. And you kind of wait around to see what the next chapter has. You’re too vital and interested in life to sit and do nothing. That’s where I’m so glad to be creative. There are so many things I love and am good at, it’s hard to choose a hobby of the day. Right now, it’s writing. And watching videos. I have more to finish up with, and will do that. There are many interesting ones to catch up on and share with Cartney, my illustrator. I even purchased a book Arree Chung wrote, “Mixed.” It’s a beautiful book. The photos match the story so well. If you have young kids, this is a must have. It explains mixed race marriages in a wonderful way. Hat’s off to you, Arree! I’ll have a photo tomorrow, my devices aren’t synching right now.

We are on duty today to pick up addison from school soon. It’s nice to see her and hear how her day went. The Babe found some old photos on his phone this morning from when she was in first and second grade. Wow. She’s a young woman now, no longer a little girl! Time. It flies too damned fast.

Be safe out there. I’m praying for a safe Inauguration Day tomorrow. Regardless of anything else, we will all have a new president and vice president. I hope he is well enough to withstand the stress of the office. My prayers are especially for all law enforcement and military who are keeping the peace tomorrow. May the crowd have respect and be ruled by sensibility. God Bless the USA! See you tomorrow.