Puppy Update/Grateful for . . .

We have had new puppy for about ten days. Ten days of jumping out of our chairs when she has sniffed out a spot on the floor, ten days of saying “Good girl” when she whimpers to go outside, and ten days of reassuring Lexie that we love her more.

Gavin is coming to visit Goldie today.

It’s funny how this little creature has brought a lot of work to our home, yet she also has brought a lot of joy, happiness, and something to distract us from Dan’s difficult recovery. I do think it was part of the vast plan to change our lives yet again.

Dan (a/k/a Babe) and I are talking about a lot of things most retired folks discuss. We reminisce about our world’s as kids, we discuss the four most intelligent and beautiful grandchildren to Grace the earth, and we tell each other how much we love each other. We don’t ever want to forget to tell each other we are grateful to have each other.

Yes, we get irritated with each other. We can both be stubborn. We get tired and frustrated. But we each know the other is always in our corner. Devotion trumps irritation.

Just as Goldie trusts us to take care if her, we trust each other to care for the other. Anyone can have trust issues. Puppies, children, teenagers, men and women all can have trust issues. If you are fortunate to love someone you can trust, your life is so much better! You won’t be in danger from them.

Goldie and Gavin can trust us and are learning to trust each other. Lexie is more timid, and we’re not sure why. It could have with her lineage and temperment. Those things fall outside of home and heart. Some things you just can’t train or love out of an animal. She just was never the affectionate pup that Roxie was.

At 9 a.m., I met with a research group about participating in a study to test an RSV vaccination.  I was willing, however, I was eliminated from the study. There are so many criteria to meet, and I didn’t fall on the right side of the investigation. Oh well, I was paid very well for my time. That’s cool. 

Dan’s home health care nurse was pretty late yesterday, 4:30. She is coming at 8 a.m. tomorrow. That will start the day out early. She is amazed at the number of people she has for patients who do not want her to come before 10 a.m. We are the exception, so it will be another early start to the day. We’re both up by 7:00 a.m. anyhow. It’s a blessing these angels travel to your home to save you having to make trips to a clinic three times a week.

After awhile, we will pick up Addison and Gavin, drop off Addison, bring Gavin home with us to play with Roxie, and wait for our son in law to pick up Gavin. Hopefully, by then, the dogs will be tired and sleep on the couch so we can just sit down.

New Years Eve, 2018/2019
I cannot believe Babe stayed up this late!!

I’m grateful today for the love I wake up to every morning. We might have slowed the step but I have never loved more deeply or been sure I was loved this much. It’s the best!

Dan has a way to go with his healing.  Many folks are praying and sending good thoughts.  We thank you all for doing so. Keep them coming!

My writing for today will include creating some character depth. I’m trying to describe in more detail the people in the novel who live in the house that is telling its secrets. They are based on real people, so I’m sure my family will be wondering which character they are. They’re all a bunch of characters, believe me!! It’s a good study in human nature, making sure my characters aren’t flat or predictible. Again, I can assure you my family are neither!!

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Never Thought THIS Would

actually happen. I’m an attractive brunette. I’ve kept myself up. Sure, I’m getting older but so is he. How could he???

I was the at the top for so long. Thought my place was secure. I’ve been so faithful. I’ve greeted him every time he comes home from wherever he goes when he’s away from me. I alert him at every leaf that falls off the trees, the people walking by, and don’t even ask about when the doorbell rings. Why, I just join in when they say “No Bark!”, “Quit!”, or the always ineffictive “NO!” I’m barking because they are.

I have gone with him on the walks he needs for controlling his heart disease. I’ve known when he is unhappy, upset, worried (he worries a lot!), happy, anxious, depressed, and having bad dreams about Vietnam. After all of this, he did the unthinkable.

Saturday, I got the shock of my life! He comes home with this little blonde. It’s always a blonde, isn’t it?? The little tart. Well, who does she think she is??

Woe is me!

Why should I even like her?? Well, it’s a little fun to run outside with her in the yard. MY yard. She seems to be looking to me for guidance. Why would I do that?? Why help the enemy? And I’m certainly not sleeping with her in my luxurious king sized bed.

I do not want that little blonde hussy in my house. But they let her in anyway. Well! I’m just going to lay in the sun on my king sized bed. No kennel with bars for me! Perfect place for a girl to let her thoughts organized. I’ll show them!

And the other female in the house. My adopted Mom. She’s no better. No matter how much I give her the stink eye, she is even holding the blonde. Why, I never! She should be loyal to me at least! What’s her issue?? I don’t potty in the house anymore. Isn’t that a good girl??

You’d think the sun rose and set in Goldie. The boy they call Gavin came over yesterday to see her, too. He does love and miss Roxie, my sister who died. We have all been sad. “Hey! Wait a minute!”

They might have something here. If the boy and his Grandpa and Grandma aren’t so sad, maybe I shouldn’t be either. Since I can’t play with Roxie anymore, maybe I’ll play with Goldie. I guess she’s not so bad after all. It might take a bit. But she might be fun. As long as she knows I’m in charge. I can teach her how to get treats.

Yeah! It’s the perfect plan! If I just stand by her she will be a treat 🧲 magnet. That’s the angle I’ll play now, they’ll never see through my master plan. Humans. They’re all just putty in our paws. Foolish mortals.

It will work out after all. She’s not so bad.

I can still tell her, “Go away kid, you bother me!” whenever I want to be alone.

Let me know your thoughts on introducing new fur babies to the family. Maybe my masters will learn something!

Thank you to our guest blogger today, Lexie, the big, beautiful, four legged lovey we are so lucky to have. She just had to let you all know her misgivings through all of this. For her, it’s pretty tough, but we’re hopeful she comes around. We just want her spunky again.

As Lexie said, let us know if you have tips for us. Transition is hard, whether you have two or four legs. How do you cope with it? I’d love to hear from you. Like our blog post, and share with your friends. Hopefully, it will brighten your day and their day, too. We appreciate you reading!

Oh! And here is Goldie. It’s tough being the new darling of the family!

Likes her kennel now. Trust me, she does not nap this much!

Introducing: Goldie

Some of the sadness we’ve had since 💔 July when Roxie was killed by a car is about to take a back seat.

We met this beautiful blonde girl last night. We are bringing her home later today!

We knew we needed a pal for Lexie. Last week, we went to see our vet, Dr. Dave Johnson in Blair. He related he has seen animals mourn for years. His advice is always good and we value him a lot. Great human being. So glad Dan’s former boss at Watkins recommended him.

We had been looking online for an established pet (potty trained). Even applied   to a rescue, but got turned down. Admittedly, we were behind in Lexie’s heartworm. So much happened between 2017 and 2018 when the Heartworm pills ran out. Refilling them simply got lost in the shuffle. We feel awful about it, but we’re back on track now. Sometimes things just happen.

We’ll be sharing Goldie’s and Lexie’s adventures here, so stay tuned. Our dogs have survived much longer than the 10 years estimated for the “mutt” variety. I wonder about this one. It will be an adventure. Stay tuned.

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I know a girl from high school who lives in Italy. I have FB friends in Canada, and Germany. Lovely people. How fun this is!

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Enjoy your Saturday. And thank you for reading and sharing.

Pushing On and Through

It is quite chilly this morning, but my heart is warm. The turmoil of the past month is starting to resolve. That’s always good.

Dan has an infection in his incision from the surgery ten days ago. He’s on antibiotics so it should resolve. The staples come out Tuesday, October 29th. Hopefully, that is the last time the poor guy sees a surgeon for a long while. Prayers appreciated.

My son Frankie (his mom can still call him that) finally was granted access to the apartment. He and the room mate are working feverishly to go through things. Their damage was strictly water damage, which is a blessing. Now, the beds and furniture are so waterlogged the insurance company just paid them out. The clothes are fine just need washing. Good deal.

Some of the collectibles will now be sold as boxes opened. They’re generally fine. Unbelievable. Someone already gave them new kitchen furnishings, so none of that needs hauling, cleaning, etc. Time saver. Hopefully, the electronics are not wet. Otherwise, that will be a whole ‘nother story. By tihs time next week, they will be moved into an exact same apartment in a different building. Nice to be able to move efficiently! Things continue to look up for him.

Loves of my life, my kids.
This was ten years ago on Thanksgiving. Last time we were all together.
From left, Frankie, me, Becky (lives in Colorado) and Nick (lives in KC MO).

All in all, God has been very good to my family, and we all have a lot of thanks to give.

If you ever play those silly games on FB, even though the results are totally randomly generated, sometimes they’re fun. I like this one, and try to remember this is really how I try to be. All the time. In times of peril and in times of plenty. Whatever it is, Let It Be. This also happens to be one of my favorite songs, too.

Words to Live By.
That Paul McCartney really knew how to write.
In more ways than one, I am a Survivor.

It truly IS hard for me to talk about myself. I would rather tell you about my kids or pets or Dan or the grandkids or anyone but myself. In retrospect, I do realize mine is a very unique story full of a lot of challenges. I realize they all made me stronger, and that is a blessing as well as a curse.

When you are strong, people don’t think you need support. You do. You just don’t expect it. People are baffled when you are down. You are too! It’s hard to keep the braveness in full force sometimes. I have been scared for my immediate family this past month in a way I’ve not experienced before. It’s hard. My faith has returned, is strong again, and so am I.

I have always Let It Be, and known that tomorrow the sun will always still come up. No matter what. It will always rise and set just like always. I know enough of those new days followed by a good night’s sleep will help my mind ease, my body relax, and my worry wane. I need to be patient. How about yourself? Can you Let It Be?? Do you want to?? God does a pretty great job of managing if you ask me. I need to quit trying to grab His paintbrush. We all do.

Thank you for reading, please like and leave a comment to let me know you were here. I so appreciate it!

Slowing Down to Recover


How you describe it?

If you’re of a certain age and remember the Ed Sullivan Show, or any musical/variety show growing up, you certainly remember an act that I’ve always called plate spinning.

The orchestra plays lively music while the performer puts plates atop a spindle and gives it a little nudge. The plates start to spin on and on while the performer does other little feats of magical amusement, stopping every so often to keep the plates spinning.

So, it’s how things have gone this week. Trying to dig back in and not having a good footing. Too many plates spinning. Need to get back to ground zero.

Lots of doctor’s visits this week. Dan lost a lot of blood during his procedure last week, but not enough to require a transfusion. Iron supplements and lots of extra water should help build up the blood supply. It’s so fascinating to learn these ways to help the body help itself.

In the meantime, there are World Series Games to watch, a lonely, broken hearted dog who misses her sister to walk twice a dayn, and a quilt to finish binding and trimming threads from.

After a very hectic couple of weeks, my body has signaled it’s tired. Today is going to be a rest day.

Our dog misses her sister so badly! The Vet told us Saturday the best thing for her would be another dog. He said he has seen do mourn for years and years. We are looking, after being turned for not having Heartworm up to date. No exceptions from some rescues.

Roxie, left, died on July 5. Lexie, right, is so very sad.

So here’s hoping the Nationals win the series. Hopefully, it will be a good series and last all seven games. It beats watching reality shows or political debates. We’ll be petting the dog and snuggling with her.

I remember in grade school that the nuns would let us watch the World Series during school if someone brought their portable black and white TV. There were no night games in the 1960’s. We were St. Louis fans since Bob Gibson was from Omaha. He was an incredible pitcher and good to watch. The nuns loved him!

Do you have a favorite baseball team?? Who do you hope wins the series?? Leave a comment, and let me know who you’re rooting for in the series. Thank you!

Tomorrow will be another appointment for Dan. He is slowly getting stronger. Sometimes recovery appears to take so long. And we humans are so impatient for our bodies to repair themselves. We need to be patient, and remember, it’s all in God’s time, not ours.

Blessings on you all. And thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

Good Old Autocorrect

If you write anything from poetry to fiction to business reports, you know how autocorrect tries to read your thoughts and anticipate which word you will type next. At times, it’s great.

Most of the time, it’s just no, I’m human and smarter than you are, you silly machine. Now, a lot of people cannot spell to save their soul. No shame in that.

Autocorrect, it is not what I was thinking.

My husband has trouble with spelling, but is a whiz at construction calculations, inventory, financial reports, etc. I am not. We all have different skills and talents, so just use your talents and please don’t criticize others for not being capable of what you can do. They may be great at what you cannot do.

Some autocorrect doozies? Autocorrect may not be able to phrase what you would like stated.

Have you ever had something outrageous show up from autocorrect?? Tell me in the comments, and we will have a good laugh. We all have them. C’mon. We’re among friends.

By the way, I’m heading to Aurora to attend the Nebraska Writers Guild Fall Conference for a couple of days. I’ll be reporting first hand, so check back tomorrow evening. It’ll be a cozy, hunkered in/down weekend.

Go Big Red! Scott Frost and his team deserve our support and respect.

Early for this . . .

Today was spend time with Mom day. As I’ve told you before, Mom is now 90 years old and still in her home. Her last living sister passed away on Friday, September 13. My cousins are convinced she will haunt them for sure.

Something else about Mom and her three sisters and their mother before them: they are all Christmas Decorating freaks. And I do mean freaks. As in lots of decorations, lots of themes, very festive.

Since Mom has a large home with a huge attic for storage, she at once had sixteen trees up and decorated in her house from October 31 until February 1. Yes, it could be considered excessive. It makes her happy. And keeps her busy. It keeps her active but she is slowing down a lot.

So today was a pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby to look at their Christmas decorations. Oh boy, it’s early for that. She found a few she liked and some new woodland creatures. She does theme trees, like all NFL players, all Santa’s, all Snowmen, all Harley Davidson ornaments, etc. On the way to the car, she said the woodland creatures could mean another tree. Oh boy!

Over the years, she has said she will consolidate. Ok, so she donated three small trees from the dining room but bought one bigger tree to replace it. Not my idea of consolidation, but it is hers.

Every year, Mom says it could be the last time she gets to decorate. Some day, it will be her last time. So until then, we need to humor her and make sure she decorates safely. No ladders or stepstools. No carrying up and down the stairs. She is stubborn, though. She has limited vision so it makes it hard to see her masterpieces, but she just enjoys the lights.

I hope she can continue to do this insane decorating. It’s still something from old times that she has. My brothers and I will have a lot for donations or passing down. In the meantime, we’ll try to keep her from buying out all of Hobby Lobby’s stock.

How soon do you start to decorate for Christmas? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. And thank you for reading.

Friday’s Frontier

As a society, I think we fall prey to thinking any day but the one we’re living is better. How is the last day of the week any better than Monday, Wednesday, Sunday? It isn’t, really.

I believe we are given a chance each and every day to create a day that is beautiful, fulfilling, and memorable. We are in charge of how it goes. Yes, unforseen things happen, that can mess up our plans, schedules, and lives. How we react will tell us how the rest of the day will go. And ultimately, how the rest of our lives will go.

While it’s nice to have someone empathize with our bad luck, we need to be careful. If we come to expect the attention and that empathy turns to sympathy, we could become wallowers. I would prefer to not be a wallower. Why? It’s too easy. All your attention is on misfortune. There remains nothing positive in your life. You find nothing to look forward to. Nothing can spark joy. You spiral downward. You feel sorry for yourself. You become difficult to be around.

Listen to the conversations around you. Are they positive or negative? Full of excuses or reasons? Do you hear blame placing or blame accepting? If you have worked to change which of these you practice, just a few minutes around old friends or family, and you wonder how in the world you listened to all that negativity. Congratulations on getting better, you are making your life positive. Keep going.

Remember, the grass isn’t greener. Yours may just need watering. You can make any day a good one. Try it. Especially on a Monday. Everything will change for the better. You’ll see.

Please leave a comment about staying positive while the people around you may be making it hard. Thank you for reading, and for sharing!