Happy Birthday, Addison!

Today, thirteen years ago, the Babe and I became Grandparents. What a life altering experience! It’s been quite a ride, and I pray the next thirteen years is as memorable and filled with love. The day Addison was born, we made a trip up to Sioux Falls to attend a wedding shower. I was helping throw the shower for Dan’s niece, Michelle. We knew Tracy was experiencing something, but didn’t think anything would come of it. We arrived, set the tables up, and had to turn around and go home. We hoped to make it back in time, and figured we would. It was about three and a half hours to get there. Nothing was happening yet, she was in the L&D room, her mom Sandy and Aunt Sharon were there, along with Grandpa Randy and Grandma Peggy.

It so happened February 10 was also Grandma Sandy’s birthday. How fun to become a Grandma on your birthday! Sandy passed away ten years ago from lung cancer, but she enjoyed her grandkids so much in the short time she lived after they were born. Sandy and I became good friends, and talked a lot about her kids growing up. The Babe and I married when our kids were all adults, so I didn’t experience them growing up. Together we have five kids, and now four Grandkids.

It was a beautiful thing to hear Sandy and Dan talk about when they were expecting Blake all those years ago in Sioux Falls. They talked about how broke they were (we all were, back in the day), and the cradle the Babe made. He made two more, one for each of his grandkids. It was truly a labor of love. They were one couple who could get past the divorce stuff and be friends. I’m sure they took the long way around to get there, but it was a wonderful thing to see. We would all be very lucky to be in that mindset for our kids of divorce.

I waited until everyone else held Addison, and the room was packed with people. Grandma Sandy brought her over to me, and said, “You haven’t had your turn, yet.” She placed the little pink baby in my arms. The tears came for both of us, and it was a beautiful moment. I think of Sandy often when the kids do something funny or even naughty, and how we talked so much. And that moment I first held our girl.

“Being a teenager means you’re not a little kid anymore”- Addison, on turning thirteen.

Sandy was still working when Addison was born, and I was not. Luckily, I got to watch her when the sitter had something else to do, or later when she couldn’t go to daycare due to the sniffles. I had so much fun with her. I think we have a special bond, and it would be there even with all the other grandmas Addison has. Her family extends as far as she can see, and it’s awesome. When I made them all Christmas stockings, she asked if we could make one for her daddy’s sister’s baby. We did. She is generous, happy, knows her own mind, expresses herself in times of trouble, and isn’t afraid to tell the teacher(s) if someone is treating her or someone else badly. She just gets it. She’s always “in” to go for ice cream, too.

We have watched countless dance recitals, classes, demonstrations, and competitions. This girl loves to be on stage dancing a solo. It amazes us a kid can learn to do that. We didn’t have experience speaking in front of people until we became adults. Glad they teach kids that now. So when they’re not kids anymore, they’ll be comfortable dancing, giving a speech, directing their workforce, etc. Addison has a heart of gold, and I pray she always looks at life with the joy she does. She loves her family so much, and her cousins in Maryland and Minnesota.

Thanks for reading today. It’s my pleasure to see you here, where I’ll be tomorrow. Hope you are, too. Now, it’s back to the book rewrite. Have a blessed day.

Sneaky Saturday

Today went too quickly. I’d like a recount, whoever is in charge of such things. I don’t think a review of the days events will happen, so it will just have to be late afternoon/early evening now. I remember when I was about twenty-five, my doctor told me time goes much more quickly when you get older. Wow, does it! Addison, our oldest grandchild, will be thirteen next month. A teenager! Holy smokes!

This young lady is as smart as she is beautiful. She has a way about her. Kind hearted, but no one will give her any guff. She is annoyed by her brother, but no one dare mess with him. She loves her family, and doesn’t want to be away from them for too long. She participates in competition dance, and she is on the honor roll. I’m so proud of her.

The Babe will have a special birthday this year, seventy!!! We’ll have to try and do a special trip or something. We loved Yellowstone National Park and we want to see the Grand Canyon. Maybe this will be the year. Niagra Falls was on our list, too. A few years ago, we purchased the twenty dollar lifetime senior citizen National Park Pass. Haven’t used it or our passports yet, but we are ready should the need arise.

Words to Live By

Tomorrow the Babe has Honor Guard Photos. The guys do photos once a year, near the end of their year which is April – March. Photos exist pretty far back in the Post history. While he’s doing that, I’ll be working on the Newsletter for February. The regular editor has a bad knee injury, so I”ll be subbing for him. Get better soon, Leigh!

Have you ever watched the Netflix series Peaky Blinders? I like Tommy Shelby. I was shocked by his blue eyes, so I figure it’s the gypsy in his character? I am enlarging the Irish family in my novel, and I include some personality traits from the Shelby family. Wouldn’t that be a crazy lot? Wish me luck with that one. It is amazing how differently each person in a family becomes given they all grow up in the same environment. You all have different genetic traits and the environment is somewhat the same. I can attest to the fact parents can be tired by the time the last child is growing up. We overlook infractions we consider slight now which used to be major. Resulting personalities can be so different. The longer adults are away from home can also see major changes. At times, it’s hard to believe you all lived under the same roof with any amount of harmony.

Thank you for reading my distracted thoughts today. It will be a nice quiet evening at home with the dogs for sure. They love the fireplace on chilly nights, too. I will be here again tomorrow, and hope to see you then.