The Human Body . . .

God’s very best creation.

I have always been fascinated by our human body. It’s an awesome mix of mechanics, electricity conduction, anatomy and physiology, and I am a constant student of this magical mystery.

As I wrote earlier, Dan had a heart cath in early October. The femoral artery didn’t close properly. He had some bleeding, had an ultrasound, diagnosis, and went under the knife. It’s very painful with all the staples in for another week. He is slowly healing, and just wants to be over this. Our neighbor said he’s earned about ten years of good health. That would be great!

What kind of books do you like to read?? I love crime stories, true crime, cop stories, mysteries, historical fiction, history, and based on true events books. And of course, anything educational about the human body.

What am I writing? A realistic fiction book. It details memories and events that happened in a home as a family grew up and older. It is called “These Walls DO Talk.”  It follows a woman through the rooms of the family home, as she is taking one last look. The memories of a lifetime flood into her and she sees how she has grown and learned about life. Her life. She has learned her value. And has answered hate and discontent with love and acceptance.

I am also working on some books to introduce children and families to grieving in a healthy manner. Events such as the loss of a dog can be a child’s first experience with loss. It is best to be honest with them.

There is also book about losing a grandparent on a major holiday. It is very hard to recover from a loss like that. This is a true story, and I have a co-author for that one. It is a labor of love.

My very first book idea for children is called “Bonus Grandma’s.” It is about a little boy trying to understand why he had six Grandma’s instead of only two. He and his cousins talk about families, step parents, and the positive things about large families.

These projects are like adding to my family. More siblings for our kids. I hope you like them. Please, tell me what you think about any and all of these ideas. After all, if people won’t read them, no one will know these stories.

As always, please comment and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.


I am amazed at some of the stuff is on for kids. Over the weekend, I saw Captain Underpants. Wow.

It’s pretty weird. There is a principal who doubles as Captain Underpants, two kids who write a comic book. Strange stories and stranger conclusions. There is a series of books that are to encourage reading. I suppose it gives kids something to read that keeps their interest. I just don’t get it though.

The best part was spending time with our younger grandson, Gavin. He is seven, and really becoming thoughtful. We talk about so much stuff. He can be a stinker, but I’ve never met a kid yet who couldn’t be one.

He just left with his dad. The house is quiet. The dog went to take a nap. And I’m smiling about all the fun things we did. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the zoo. It is a lot of walking, but it’s worth it. We have a grandparents membership so we can go anytime.

Now, it’s back to our quiet Sunday, and hoping it’s a productive week. We will tell September goodbye, and greet October. We know how unpredictable the weather can be from now until about April, but that doesn’t send us anywhere warmer. We’d miss the grandkids who live here too much.

What do you have planned for today? Time with family and friends? Nieces and nephews? Grandkids? Parents? Whatever it is, I hope it’s great. Tell us in the comments.

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Until then, thanks for reading. I appreciate it.