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Friday Facts, Just for Fun

The week is nearly over. It’s been a strange one. I’ve had a second COVID test, it’s negative. I’ve had swollen glands in my neck that turned into nothing, just a weird viral infection. Glad for that. We’ve had a couple of socially distanced dates this week, and they were nice. Tonight, we’re meeting up with the kids and grandkids for dinner to reconnect. Since Gavin got his own puppy, he’s been pretty busy caring for Josie instead of coming to visit Goldie and Lexie. We miss him, too! And Addison.

Cross Country is now over, so it’s back to picking our girl up from school to help out Mom and Dad. We love it. She’s full of stories to tell. I should think back to those ancient times and remember what it’s like. Your priorities are certainly different, that’s for sure.

This is 10,000 % TRUE!

There have been massive attempts this week to hack my FB page, my Twitter Account, my Instagram Account, and my email. I think it’s a coincidence. In the process of changing passwords 8,392 times, I got a little jammed up and the blog didn’t post Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. I believe it’s been fixed now, and I re-posted to keep up. I couldn’t believe my stats went from 60 readers on Monday to 0 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Technology can be a real bugger when it’s misbehaving. In case you missed them, here they are again: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I am reading “Charms for the Easy Life,” by Kaye Gibbons. I picked it up at the used book store last time I took Mom. It’s a beautiful story, about three Southern women, who have their own family, with no men. The men folk left their women behind. Took off and never showed back up again. The Grandmother reacted very differently to the situation. She is a homeopathic healer, herbalist, and the like. She is very clear, however, she does not practice voodoo. And she will not use the power to maim anyone. She is a rock, the whole area in walking distance depends on her. It’s a fascinating story.

I’ve read 122 pages of the 254 in the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I sort of forgot to see how the scenes took place in only one place at a time, the characters were solidified through dialogue for backstory (boy, were they!), and I can’t wait to see how the second and third generations handle being left by the men in their lives who are supposed to be reliable, steadfast, and kind. The grandfather and father of the girl telling the story were totally opposite of those characteristics.

The author uses a phrase to define the matriarch, “who is a self taught healer, treating everything from broken bones to broken hearts. They are protected by the eccentric wisdom and muscular love of the remarkable matriarch Charlie Kate, a solid, uncompromising,” I love the phrase muscular love. It sounds unbreakable, solid, and something you can count on always. We all need that kind of love in our lives. Unconditional love is like this.

It makes me appreciate my dad so much. He never wavered in working and taking care of his family. He loosened up and enjoyed his oldest grandson Frankie a lot. He took him on excursions to Hobby Town, to shop for used cars, and Frankie adored him. I think it was hardest on my 17 year old son when Dad died. I didn’t think anyone could hurt any more than I did, but I was probably wrong.

This morning, I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m listening to Glen Campbell’s last album, “Adios.” I knew it was a Jimmy Webb song, and previously heard Linda Ronstadt sing it. Linda makes every song lovely. When Glen Campbell sang it, knowing he had Alzheimer’s, it took on a new meaning. He really was telling his fans goodbye. It was beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if anyone with the disease could say goodbye? Usually it’s too late for that by the time a diagnosis takes place. We don’t get to choose how we go or when. It’s the biggest risk there is in life, is to live every day. Don’t count on doing it tomorrow. You never know what will happen. You need to lead your life as each day is the last. Always let your words with someone be positive. Regrets do no one any good.

The rest of the day? One thing I’m adding to the TO DO list is rewrite my “about” paragraphs. The one I wrote first is ok, but it needs some telling about me. That’s hard for me to do. Really. I don’t talk a lot about myself, believe it or not, because I had never thought I was that noteworthy. That’s not a lack of confidence, at least I don’t think it is. What do you say? What would you say about me, if you’ve been following me very long. Seriously, add it in the comments below. Maybe you can help me with ideas I need that are better than the ones I have. Thanks, it’ll be fun reading them.

If you don’t wish to add it in the comments below, add it in the FB comments under the blog when it’s posted. I’d love some ideas. Thanks. And thanks for reading today. Hope you get caught up with the other blogs through the links above. So writing the bio, doing a little writing, and finishing reading my book today are going to happen around Raabe Ranch this afternoon. I appreciate you reading, and will see you again tomorrow!

Thursday Zoomies

No, it’s not about Goldie or Lexie running around the living room chasing each other. I’ve decided to use the term to describe my talk with Sam Tyler, Book Coach, this morning.

Where did the word Zoomie come from? It’s referring to FRAP’s, Frenetic Random Activity Periods that dogs have once in awhile. They just are overcome with a huge amount of energy and for a short period of time, they run laps, circle quickly, whatever activity they choose to do. It releases the energy, and stops as soon as the energy is expended. Wish people would/could get them. There is no cause for alarm in dogs, as long as they can zoom around without hurting themselves. People, too.

I’m calling the Zoom Meetings we have as my Zoomies. I get so inspired when we talk, and I just want to dig in and write more. Today, however, I am going to follow her non-writing advice first. I’m not reading enough. I know I’m not. I need to read at least thirty minutes a day. No excuses. It doesn’t mean read Facebook, or Twitter, or look at Instagram photos, or reading technical stuff about writing. I need to read fiction with characters, scenes, character and scene development. I need to leave out the narrator intrusion I’m becoming (in)famous for. It’s not good, yet, unbridled, I can’t seem to stop it. I need to rein it in, and keep it in check.

Since all of my books still reside in boxes, it would take some time and help moving heavy boxes for me to find my Elm Creek Quilters series of books (very good scenes and character development), I’ve opted for a couple in my to be read pile. And I mean pile – a full tote bag, a stack on the nightstand, a stack on the old sewing machine, and a shelf on a corner cabinet. I’ve found “Charms for the Easy Life,” by Kaye Gibbons; and “The Whistling Season,” by Ivan Doig. I plan to spend some time on the deck, reading. As long as those pesky no see ums don’t bother me. What are they? Those tiny black bugs you can barely see but who bite with a vengeance.

I think I’ll start with “Charms for the Easy Life.” This book is about a family without men. All females, living in the backwoods of North Carolina during a sad and singular era, according to a review I read. It should be a good read, at least I’m looking forward to spending the afternoon with these ladies. How about you? Assuming you can dodge the no-see-ums what do you plan for outside on this beautiful day?

Thanks for stopping your day to read. Hope to see you tomorrow, too. Take care of each other out there. Be safe.

Hump Day!

What a crazy day yesterday was. We went to the Post for a very productive meeting, you almost never hear meetings being productive, and had a couple adult beverages with the folks that were present. It was a nice early evening.

Eddie Van Halen, the guitar god of the universe, died yesterday. My son Frankie was a huge fan of his. I became one too. That was one group he played I didn’t holler at him to “turn it down!” We had a bet one time, who was better, Eric Clapton, or Eddie Van Halen. Clapton is a master, but Eddie may have single handedly influenced more young musicians than anyone else on the planet – including Clapton. And on top of that – he was married to Valerie Bertinelli. That alone would make him a hero.

I love the videos of him playing incredible riffs, and looking up with the boy-like look he always had, and smiling with pure joy. That’s how we’ll remember Eddie. Bless Wolfgang, his son, and his wives. Sad days for them. After all is said and done, I think it’s always, always, simply about the music.

I saw a Tweet that stated, “There are guitars gently weeping all over the world.”

And we’re almost to the next Zoom meeting with Sam Tyler, my book coach. We have a few things to discuss tomorrow, and then I think there will be more writing going on. I do look forward to it, and now it’s been three weeks, not just two. More about my new adjusted plan tomorrow.

Gratitude – even about difficult things.

Yes, this is how it is. When people speak of gratitude, it’s easy to have gratitude for the easy things, the things you want. It’s hard to have gratitude for hard times, missing your commuter train, getting fired from your job. We must learn gratitude for even the hard things. It’s only then, can we truly appreciate the gift we receive after the hard one. It’s hard to remember.

And people who you must love from afar. Difficult parents, former spouses, siblings who are hard to deal with. We all have them, somewhere. It’s ok to love them from afar. You don’t have to spend time with them. More people would keep their sanity if they would embrace this. It takes a long time to do that, when you feel as if you’re alone in a crowd. But you really aren’t. The rest of us are there, too.

So as I go to the deck and enjoy the fresh air, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Listen to some music. Read a good book, or at least decide on something relaxing to do. We owe it to ourselves to be nice to ourselves once in awhile. Pick today. Pick tomorrow. Just make sure you do it. And it’s even better with a beautiful puppy to pet. See you tomorrow!

#400 Published!

Yay!! So happy to reach another milestone! This one is a big one, too. I hope there are at least 4K more, thanks for being on my journey with me.

Listening to my new Bon Jovi CD about 2020 is a great way to start the day. It seems I’ve been making some typing errors this morning, it seems I’m typing DC instead of CD and a great day to start the way. Haha. I think I haven’t completely awakened yet. The Babe is home today and is playing with the dogs outside. They love when he’s home. It’s rare he’s home all day on Tuesday.

I watched quite a bit of the videos on Hashtag Summit yesterday. Searching for hashtags applying to my niche is what I need to do next. Where did the word niche come from? Google tells me it’s a one-stop shop for college searchers. I’m guessing that’s not it. I suppose a place, employment, status or activity a person is most suited for is the definition I’ll accept, along with a specialized market, an ecological habitat, not so much.

One thing I’ve noticed in writing is there are so many possibilities for words compared to even twenty years ago. They are invented all over the place, many in social media and in social groups. It’s a little hard to keep up with, but having grandkids helps keep you in the loop. Kids, too.

Today’s topic on my week long training is TIK TOK. I’m pretty unsure about it. I picture that to be for my grandkids, not me or my fellow authors. I’ll let you know on that one. I’m trying to stay open minded, so we’ll see.

The Bon Jovi album 2020 is pretty inclusive of this year. It has songs that reflect on brutality by the police, the camaraderie of soldiers, and stepping up to help. All part of the crazy puzzle that is 2020. I like when songwriters can hit is just right. They’re doing their jobs. Springsteen did that in my younger days – the factories closing during a bad economy, with jobs leaving. Textile mills, steel mills, autoworkers, they all left dead towns in their wake. It was so very sad. He did it again after 9/11. He told the story of the day America was attacked, and did it with eloquence. No politics in any of it. I loved knowing the feelings are finally identified, the rawness of real life (much to our horror), and the after shocks were real and they were talked about. The losses were felt nationwide. We united. I hope we do that again. If not, we’re probably in trouble.

Later today, we’re having a meeting at the post about communication and advertising of events. Communication is important in any organization, and the advertisement of events are crucial to getting word out for attendees and bring in the funds to help where it’s needed. Luckily, in being their Webmaster, FB, & Instagram/Twitter poster, I can use the training I’m watching for them as well. It helps us to know what will draw in a younger crowd, and helping the organization help the younger Veterans as well.

I’m going to write a draft of Chapter 2 later today, and sent it to Sam prior to our meeting Thursday. She requested I try it if I have time, and I’ll make time for it. I believe it’s becoming easier to figure out what will tell the story in the best way way possible. It’ll be good to see if I can stick with my outline. You know how those crazy writers are!

It’s hard to believe, this is blog number 400. That’s an accomplishment. I’m going to think about that as well, for awhile. I hope you have a beautiful day, working on whatever you’re doing. I appreciate your time today, and hope to see you again tomorrow. Take Care. Be Safe. Be Kind.

Sunday and Monday, Whew!

Yesterday was such a busy day, filled with fun, I remarked to the Babe after we went to bed, “I didn’t blog yet today. I have to.” He said, “You hardly ever miss, wait until tomorrow.” We were both pretty tired after a great day, I decided it was ok. So, today will be full of what you missed.

Our VFW Post 2503 hosted a Car Show with Omaha Street Rods Association yesterday. It was so much fun. When we arrived before registration time at 9:30, there were already cars parked and registered. there was a line of sweet cars to register and park. There were rows and rows of cars, motorcycles, one monster truck, and a happy crowd accompanying it all. The day was perfect, and the weather was absolutely perfect. It has been a very long time since we were able to enjoy a day like this.

Having grown up in the family I did, I was interested in the cars. My dad was a mechanic back in his day, and he enjoyed racing a lot. He had a Go-Kart we’d race around with his friends, Tom and Ruth. It was more us watching our dads, really. Dad could fix anything up until they put computers in cars. Then he wouldn’t touch them. I still like cars and appreciate the old ones. The ones that were Muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s were extra cool to see. I tried to remember who at school may have owned one. It was fun to reminisce.

We hung out almost all day there, and talked with people who came and went. It was a great day. And by the time we arrived home, it was almost time for bed. The fresh air did me in, and the Babe, too.

The last photo of the lovely lady with the green mustang is our friend Jackie. Jackie is a retired schoolteacher and this was her husband’s car. It’s all original, and she really takes good care of it. She asked if she could bring it up, and why not? This is how fun she is. For a lady in her 80s, she amazes me. What a cool time she had. I love to see people having fun doing something normal, don’t you? I’m still smiling. It was a very successful fundraiser. We were blessed.

See all the tabs open? I have a lot of stuff to read and learn this week. Some free, some not.

There is an ongoing amount of stuff to learn, as it pertains to marketing yourself as well as writing well. Hopefully, I am learning to write well enough to market myself successfully, while mastering hashtags, social media, and Facebook ads/boosting. Time will tell.

I usually send my homework to Sam Tyler, Writing Coach, on Sunday evening, it’s due at 8 a.m. on Monday the week we have a Zoom call scheduled. I didn’t even send that yesterday! Today was the first time I sent it on Monday morning. It felt as weird as not blogging yesterday. I think that means I’ve built that blogging habit by doing it for some 395 posts now. You miss it when you don’t do it.

My homework was to write scenes, including six important elements that make a scene worthy of being in a story. A GOAL, a CONFLICT, a DISASTER, an EMOTION, a THOUGHT, a DECISION. I used this list through about seventeen chapters! It’s coming along nicely.

Going to spend the rest of my day watching training videos. No writing today other than this. I thank you for spending time with me today, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow, too. Be Kind, Socially Distance, and Wear Your Mask when appropriate.

p.s., the header photo is a stock photo, it is not Goldie. It just struck my fancy as an adorable puppy. I’m a sucker for them, you know.

Sane Saturday

It’s almost a cloudy day today. Too early to tell, you know? The sirens are going off at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska today. First Saturday of the month, the sirens are tested. They sound in case of tornado. In small towns like Gretna, they also sound whenever the Volunteer Fire Department is called to an accident or other type of emergency call. There is no police department here, the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department handles those types of calls.

I admire people who volunteer for service with these agencies. Some of them go on to larger departments where you need to qualify through testing and abilities, some stay put right here in small towns all over America. I’m just glad we have them. We have a good show of help in our neighborhood, across the street is a Volunteer on Gretna’s team, next door are law enforcement people. We have a very safe neighborhood. Great people whom we’re grateful for.

Today is our twenty-second wedding anniversary, the Babe and me. It’s been quite a ride, trust me. Never a dull moment. But it’s been filled with love, commitment, good times, and some not so fun times. It’s been honest, deep, and still holds surprises. We’ve survived most of our kids getting married, the arrival of grandkids, sharing the grief between family losses, friends, and serious illnesses. We’ve both had life threatening illnesses, (thanks to Agent Orange and Cancer), and relied heavily on each other to dig deep and get better. You’re never the same after those things, but you have a lot to lose if you don’t get better. We’ve both helped the other become our best. We’re still working on it, too.

Wedding Day, 10/03/1998, we were a couple of kids – in our 40’s!

Next week, I have some training I signed up for free, it’s regarding all the methods of “social media,” Instagram, TicTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin. I have no idea why some would interest me, but it’s not a bad idea to learn about them. I doubt the Babe and I will be doing TicTok. Just keepin’ it fresh, after 22 years! LOL.

Going to work at completing my scene writing today, we have a car show to attend tomorrow. It’s at our VFW Post 2503 at 90th & Military Road in Omaha, NE if you’re close and are so inclined.

I also have some other online courses which I paid for, which will be helpful to learn in addition to the free classes I mentioned. Most of them are about branding yourself, one suggests you hire someone to do the work unless you are an artist yourself. I’ll have to see about that. Everyone has their own advice about everything, so we can hear the information and choose whether to accept it or not.

We all need to be enjoying this Saturday, although it’s a bit chilly outside. My recliner is calling to me now. I can hear it. That swelling is still there, in my neck, just below the ear and creeping over the jawline. I’m just doing Tylenol and hoping it’s nothing serious. I’ll reassess it Monday, and see how things are.

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading. It’s so cool to see we’re adding followers every day. Thanks for that, too. Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Safe out there, folks. See you tomorrow, ok?

Friday Finale

This is how my day started. Bon Jovi was on GMA this morning. I’m quite a fan of his, even since the 80s during the hair band era. He is an extremely handsome man, even in his 50s. I admire two things about him, aside from his musical talent. He operates a restaurant in his hometown, and the meals are free. It is quite an operation, and he continues to work there many days. The other thing, he is still married to his high school sweetheart, marking 40 years this year. How unusual. I can’t imagine the early days were easy for her. But, nonetheless, they’re still a couple who love each other and their family very much.

This song came from a photograph his wife took of him washing dishes in the kitchen of the restaurant. She asked him to come up with a caption for it. He said, “When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can.” And that, boys and girls, is how this song, “Do What You Can,” was born. Some people can just take ordinary words and make them magical. I hope to be able to do that, for you and for myself.

Do What You Can – And Do It Today!

How inspiring. And there are lessons in the lyrics. We need to be loving each other much more than we are. We need to be kind, we need to do what we can especially now, to make the world a better place during this crazy time we’ve all bought into. No, I’m not talking about wearing masks, I do believe there is a virus out there that can kill us. We lost two gentlemen from the VFW Post, both in their 90s last week who died of COVID. One just wanted to go fishing, and he became ill. I’m glad the poor guy was able to go fishing. But who’d thought he would become ill then. Seems unfair to them.

What I’m talking about is the ugliness I read every day on Facebook. I swear George Stephanopoulos had a gleam in his eye as he talked about “order of succession” should Trump, in his advancing age, die, and Mike Pence die, and then Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, would be President. Wow. Have we really come to that? I’m just so tired of it all.

Sure, I could shut it down, stay away. I don’t want to. I’ve made some wonderful acquaintences from groups I belong to, such as Quilting and Writing. I won’t give those up. So I scroll further and further between posts these days. Let’s. Just. Stop.

From the clinic visit yesterday, I’m experiencing much more swelling just below the ear, into the jaw. I have no toothache, but man, it’s hurting. The doc said do what you can do for the discomfort until you either start to run a fever or something else comes up. OK, I’m hoping it’s not a toothache, abscess or something ugly like that. It about had me declaring a day to live in PJ’s and lounge. But, once I heard that great new song by Bon Jovi and the incredible Jennifer Nettles, I couldn’t let a day slip away. Music motivates me. Helps me look on the bright side.

I was smart, finishing all the laundry yesterday, and I’d like to finish my scenes/outlines today. That may free up part of the weekend for me. And that would be a good thing. Sunday, there is a Show & Shine Car Show at the Post, we look forward to going up for that. It’ll be fun.

And then, this will propel me into the rest of my day. This rendition of the old “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” by Bon Jovi saw performance at a Superbowl Half Time Show. It was the first time I heard Jennifer Nettles. I love her voice. She has such a strong, great voice. It’s quite a collaboration. If I could sing, I’d want a voice like that.

As I make way to writing some more scenes, I’d like to challenge you to think of how you could make a positive impact in the world. Learn how to do it in a small way. We don’t need to open free restaurants for the homeless or very low income folks, we can make a small donation to a food bank. We could collect things for charity. Pick out a charity like Moving Veterans Forward who gives everything to the Veterans they’re helping. And the recipients of the help have to work for it, too. It’s not a free ride.

A long time ago, a very smart person told me there’s nothing better for a teenage boy like being able to earn a few bucks and have his own money on his person as he walks down the street. Now, same would be true for females, too. And I saw that. If you’re financially stable, even if it’s just a first paycheck, you walk differently. You talk differently. You have some confidence in yourself. That’s what MVF helps these people achieve. And that’s definitely worth our time.

Comment below and let me know what you’re doing. Help each other. Call an elderly neighbor. Say hi to people you encounter. Let’s all start making this a more positive world. We need it. Thanks for reading, I hope to see you again tomorrow. Let’s do this!

Thursday Full of Thanks

It’s a beautifully chilly fall day. The Sun is shining, and with lower humidity, the blue of the sky is brighter. I love days like this. The dogs aren’t wanting to be outside much, since it is much warmer on the couch, so they’re napping along to whatever music is playing. A nap sounds good about now, but I’ll wait until I’m finished with the blog. Otherwise, I’ll feel as if I should be doing something else.

I have used this header photo before, and I am rather fond of it. It’s symmetrical, and tells me there are a lot of words on those pages for me to drink up should I read it. I’m following the Gretna Library Facebook page. They are planning fundraising to build a new library. I believe the plan was to have it near our house, it would be quite a walk up some hills, but about six blocks away for sure. I hope they are able to use the site they have their eye on, it would be great. I’ll have to keep an eye social media.

So it’s now very late in the day – it’s 6:15 p.m., CDT. I took a break from writing to have lunch with the Babe. Then, I headed to our clinic at our doctor’s office. I have these pesky swollen glands up by my jaw/ear. They are extremely tender. But nothing’s wrong. No signs of infection, or anything. I’m glad, but not sure why things like that happen. Push fluids, take Tylenol. Wow. At least I scored a flu shot. Double strength for old people.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
This explains a lot to me, about my first marriage.

Sometimes, I’m baffled at why some of us take the long way home, why we take so long to learn hard lessons. I’m a late bloomer, by many standards. And that is really ok. It’s strange to look back with the wisdom of today. Things are much more transparent.

It’s amazing how much a person can learn in a lifetime. I remember reading an article a long time ago, and it stated a person learns the most in the first 18 months of life than they do the whole rest of their lives. You have to consider every thing a baby learns in their first 18 months, that could be true. But I don’t think there is a limit on learning. Look how much a child learns now from pre-K to first grade. And from middle school to high school. Any 18 month period in college could give the first 18 months of learning a run for their money. I do wish I could remember where I read the article was so I could find it again.

I’m off now to take more Tylenol and have my 400th glass of water for today. Hope you’re all well and had a good day. Tomorrow will be much better, I’m sure. More writing to do, so it’ll be good to be back on track. Have a beautiful evening. See you tomorrow. Thank you



Wednesday again already! This is an absolutely perfect day outside. Enjoy it, won’t you? I just walked through the house, thinking how beautiful it looks with the sun streaming in. It makes me smile and feel good. I’m so grateful for what the Babe and I have.

It was an early start to the day, Addison needed a ride to school. The Babe goes and then gets the bookwork for the day done at the Post. And as it’s Wednesday, they have “Hamburger Night” from 5 – 7 p.m. We love seeing our friends and getting out for a bit. We’ve been members for probably seven years, and have met many wonderful people there.

When the Babe and I went to drop off donations at Moving Veterans Forward, we were fortunate to have a grand tour of their facility and a brief summary of all the things they offer. It’s phenomenal. We will have him come talk to the Post and Auxiliary in the near future. What a worthy organization. If you’re in the Omaha, Nebraska area and want to help, or if you know a Veteran in need to help, send me a message via my Facebook page, Kathy Raabe, Author.

Speaking of loving sunny days, I remember a time when I couldn’t tell you how my house looked in daylight. When I was working two jobs, I left home in the dark and came home in the dark. It seems that period of time had overcast, dark skies. I appreciate it very much. That’s what a person needs to do if they’re not having a good day, is concentrate on the good things. The sunny days. The fact you are warm, clothed, and fed. So many people don’t have enough to survive, through no fault of their own. Some folks expect they’re entitled to everything free, and I disagree with that. I have no problem with assistance, but it needs a beginning and ending date. Generations on assistance doesn’t make sense to me.

I am writing more scenes this morning, and I’m really enjoying the process. Next week is another session via Zoom with Sam Tyler, my Book Coach. I feel like I’m improving a lot, and it’s hard for me to say that. I was raised during a time when women were not supposed to be egotistical. And you were egotistical if you bragged about what you do. Today, they call it self-love. No, I didn’t have much of that. Mom was pretty clear, don’t spend all day primping, looking in the mirror, don’t be a braggart. Be compliant. Go along to get along. Don’t make waves. Girls don’t sweat. I wanted to play baseball with Johnny Bauer, but wasn’t allowed to. Girls don’t do that. He always talked about the Yankees, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris. So here I am, not being egotistical, just telling the truth.

In case you’re wondering, this is a no-politics zone. I will vote. It’s my personal business who that is for, and in making that decision, I’ll look closely at the VP’s. Succession is a very real possibility given the ages of both Presidential candidates. Enough said.

Let’s get along in the next however many days we have until the election. Let’s start practicing our manners again. Everyone. Republicans and Democrats. We need to be civil, and we need to do it now. We can change how we behave. Let’s do it for our great country, who could use a break from all of the fighting. I’m sure by January, 2021 there will be talk about the 2024 election and so it will go. Frankly, I’m just so tired of negativity.

The quilt in the upper left pictures is finally pinned and prepped for quilting. It’s so pretty, it has Swarovski crystals with embellishments on the embroidered Hibiscus flowers. It took quite a while, it’s a good size, and I’m keeping this one. I love the backing fabric.

The front door wreath I made last week. So glad to have painted the door, it’s much brighter than the dark navy blue it was. Just a couple of dollars worth of paint makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?

And then the perennial at lower left keeps growing. I don’t get to that side of the house often, so it surprises me when I do. I used to love gardening, and now, with the arthritis in my spine, knees, and feet makes it very hard to get down and do it. It could be worse, my dad would always say. Yes, it could, Dad. Twenty-five years ago, I had a tumor that impacted my spinal cord. It wasn’t cancerous, but I nearly ended up paralyzed from it. I thank God every day for my mobility, such as it is. God is very good. After going through all that, I met the Babe. What great timing God has!

Be Kind, Be Civil, Be Courteous to everyone you meet today. I plan to, even if someone riles me up. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Safe out there.

Terrific Tuesday

The Babe is the best! He has the day off from the Post today, and first thing, he said, “Let’s hang up your kimonos.” I was gifted the red one from an old neighbor of ours. They were from China, and owned a shop at Westroads in Omaha. He went on buying trips twice a year. One year, we helped her parents care for the kids since the Mom was also in China, working for Paypal on an installation in Shanghai. Being bilingual made her the perfect candidate for the job.

After the husband returned, he gave me a beautiful red kimono and a Jade looking vase, along with some bookmarks. It was really sweet of them. Isn’t it pretty?

Red Kimono from China. Applique wall hanging, left, I made about ten years ago.
Jade vase from China. Today BEING plaque from my niece, Wendy.
This just takes my breath away, it’s so beautiful.

The black kimono was something Dad gave Mom when he returned from Korea. I think he went through Japan, but I’m not sure. Back then, the boys came home by boat. I’ll bet that trip was the slowest in the history of boat trips. My grandma told the story of the taxi pulling up in front of the house, Dad threw his duffel bag out onto the grass, paid the cabbie, and jumped out, running up to the house. Grandma said Mom was inside, picked up my brother, who Dad hadn’t met yet, and Grandma told her, “You give that baby to ME! HE (pointing to Dad) wants to see YOU!” Grandma, bless her heart. Brother Tom was the first child they had that lived. The lost two baby boys before that. I”ll bet the whole thing was quite a scene.

The other part of Dad’s coming home story was all three of Mom’s sisters were still home with Grandpa and Grandma in 1951. My Aunt Carol, the youngest, was trying to learn how to play Jacks. Dad, in his uniform, sat down on the floor with her and taught her how to play. The sisters were so happy to have an adopted brother in Dad. He was good to all of them.

I admire this embroidery work. Considering the age of the garment, I’m sure it’s hand embroidered. Upon closer inspection, I can see the smaller gold threads tacking the larger threads in place. I wonder how long this took to create. I would guess they probably were good at the work and could work quickly on their stitches.

Thanks for listening me tell this story. All stories are important. I had some wonderful feedback from my cousin Paula. Paula told me she is learning a lot about my dad she never knew. Since we had a family with a night worker, the cousins didn’t know dad very well. One little one called him, “That man who lives with Aunt Rosie.” She didn’t realize he was her husband. Yes, we had an unusual lifestyle. Paula, Dad was a great man, as was your dad. I think they were cut from the same cloth. We were ten lucky kids to have the four parents we did, your family of six kids, ours of four kids. They were good old days.

With the accomplishments already today, I’m going to try and go full steam ahead. We have deliveries to make on behalf of the VFW, Auxiliary, American Legion, etc. for the Victory Apartments. We will go to Moving Veterans Forward, since it’s much closer to our home. Whichever place, we’re proud to represent the good people who were generous with fifteen sets of sheets, and coffee for their food pantry. The Babe will want to have Tacos at a place today, since it’s Taco Tuesday. You can always count on him for that.

When we get home later, there’s more website stuff to do for the VFW. And more scenes to write for the book. I’m making great headway, and am glad to be putting an order to my thoughts. It’s good to be disciplined, and I’m glad I’m learning so much from Sam, I can’t imagine having the book done and having to edit it down to bare bones. It’s saving a lot of time this way. You can stall out reading everyone’s opinions on how to do things, but at some point you need to just do the work. That’s where I am now. It’s a good place, and I have more confidence to go ahead.

My Tuffet Needs 4 Wooden Feet. I know just the guy to help me!

The Babe will attach hardware to the wood bottom of this oriental fabric covered tuffet, and attach the feet after they are painted shiny black. This will then reside in our entryway, and it’ll be the final finishing touch.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re able to hang out again tomorrow. Wednesday already, time goes too quickly, doesn’t it? I’m going to get out into some nice weather, it’s only 61 degrees out, so it’s another cool fall day. My favorite.